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Business specialists with recycling scheme expertise

Our professional services teams offer a true centre of excellence.
Spanning information technology, accounting and payments, digital and brand marketing, material sales, and customer service divisions – our service offerings are designed to support and expand upon the core operational capabilities of Container Deposit Schemes.

Circular Economy Systems is built on years of experience in launching and running successful Container Deposit Schemes. Working with our Scheme Co-ordinator and Network Operator partners, we fulfil the services they need as they evolve from start-up, to scale-up, and to the enduring drive for growth and efficiency.

Industry leadership
Founded on the opportunity to provide centralised software and services for Australia’s CDS industry, we are entirely committed to our role in supporting some of the most successful schemes in the world!
Partners in success
Promising transparency, collaboration and commitment to quality in our delivery, we operate under a spirit of shared values and objectives that will service your evolving needs.
Fit for scale
The immense scale that schemes must service even before day one of operations, demand for tried and tested processes that will withstand the rigour and security your customers and business partners expect.
Our Services

Discover how our services connect systems, teams and projects, to drive successful scheme outcomes.

Specialist services for recycling schemes

No other partner can offer the range of purpose built, industry informed products and service solutions as one fully integrated offering
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